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Tipping Comp 2020

Will your team help you win this year?
Questions? Come in and talk to Chenoa or Nic

Be in the running for a 1st place guaranteed $500.
Can you beat out last year’s winners?

1st Game: Eels vs Bulldogs on the 12th March – Kick off at 7:05pm

Last Man Standing Rules

1. EACH WEEK, on your tipping card write your single tip.
That’s one team that you think will win their game that week. A single team, out of the entire round. Surely that’s easy as!

If your team wins, WOOHOO! You’re through to the next week.

If they don’t, you’re OUT OF THE GAME!* A draw is a loss, as far as this game is concerned.

All decisions are final and the result as it stands at the end of any extra time is the result we use.


2. BEFORE ROUND 10, there will be an extra life on offer. So you can get ONE* selection wrong and still continue on your journey.

From Round 10 onward, all extra lives are forfeit – and as such if you get anything wrong, you’re OUT.

3. From Round 16 until the finals, if we get that far, you can’t select the same team twice. So once you’ve chosen the Warriors to win, you can’t choose them again for the rest of the home and away season.

That’s from round 16 – not from the beginning.

4. YES we are tipping State of Origin matches.
They’ll be tipped as a standalone match – you have to tip the Origin.

5. If everyone happens to get eliminated in the same week we will go on to the next week as if nothing happened.

6. Whoever is the last man standing, that is still alive while all around him have been eliminated, will be crowned our CHAMPION and our BETTER for 2020.

Terms and conditions are available from reception…